Sunday, March 1, 2009


After my endeavors in the field today, i reunited with my team [2Hk]. Though there was no war, for what ever reason tonight. We spent the night learning and practicing more. Also had a conference in which we discussed which direction we should move as a clan in both training and in structure.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Field Report #2

14 confirmed kills with long range rifle.
Unknown amount of kills by side arm & misc. tools.

PBR=Point Blank Range
DMR= Designated Marksmens Rifle

Weapon L96:
  1. Target Spotted 90m, shot-hit-head. Hostile neutralized.
  2. Target Spotted 82m, shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
  3. Target Spotted 82m, shot-miss,shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
  4. Target Spotted 151m, shot-hit-head. Hostile neutralized.
  5. Target Spotted 37m, shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
  6. Target Spotted 39m, shot-miss,shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
  7. Target Spotted 58m, shot-hit-body.Hostile neutralized.
Weapon M87:
  1. Target Spotted 50m, shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
  2. Target Spotted 127m, shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
  3. Target Spotted 53m, shot-miss,shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
Weapon SASR(Dragunov SVD)
  1. Target Spotted 84m, shot-hit-head. Hostile neutralized.
  2. Target Spotted 84m,shot-hit-head. Hostile neutralized.
  3. Target Spotted 48m, shot-hit-body. VIP neutralized.
  4. Target Spotted PBR, shot-hit-body. Hostile neutralized.
side arms & equipment:

Over All Stats:
13 Confirmed Hostiles killed.
1 Confirmed VIP killed.
4 Head shots.
9 Body shots.

Shots Fired;
9 Shots fired by L96
3 Shots fired by M87
4 Shots fired by SASR

Longest Confirmed Kill: 151m
Most kills in One Match: 10

Awards Earned- none.


Tonight, 2Hk was going to its first war. Unfortunately it was rescheduled for tomorrow. We took this day just to practice more, play with each other and pick up a few new recruits.

We picked up

  1. jimaholic
  2. qoonie
  3. xXTitaNFeVerXx

Not bad players and don't have a problem with them, none of them are pricks. Goods new for myself and 2Hk that Titan is another great sniper. Out of the three guys that grabbed the tags today i'm glad we picked him up. Its nice to be challenged sniping and having to counter-snipe and search all the possible sniper spots when playing. Its gonna help me out with practice and another sniper is gonna be huge for wars.

We Spent most of the night into the late morning playing with each other, I think we are gonna be good for the up coming war. Main thing is gotta keep out communications up and work as a team. Including myself which sometimes is a lone wolf due to m y job as sniping. I have a good feeling for tomorrow. Another factor is we should hopefully get in some more practice and a warm up before the war.

Note much else we can do tonight besides get some rest, arm up in the morning and head back out to the field.

Friday, February 27, 2009

[2Hk] - Enlisted

Today I enlisted into the [2Hk] clan, bunch of good guys that aren't just a group of assholes like most clans are. The clan was just made today, an is starting off with a total of 8 members including myself.

  2. Jon-T-Grant
  3. DeTox9o7
  4. Southernboy0925
  5. ExJx
  6. ResidentX007
  7. Rico_619
  8. CF-Sniper(Myself)
We started training together and getting use to how each other operates. We work pretty good with each other already, try to stick too at least 2 man teams. The communication is great. I have high hopes for the clan.

No Field reports tonight because of training.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Field Report #1

21 Confirmed Kills By long Range Rifle
Unknown Amount of Enemies Killed by side arm & misc. tools.

m = meters
PBR = Point Blank Range
DMR = Designated Marksmen Rifle

Weapon L96:
  • Target Spotted 120m- shot - missed, relocated target 93m shot, hit- chest. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 142m- shot - hit - head. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 46m- shot - missed - shot - hit - body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 82m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 49m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 32m -shot -hit -head. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 86m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 57m -shot -hit - head. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 68m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 60m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 35m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 41m -shot -hit -head. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 55m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 53m -shot -hit -head. VIP neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 53m-shot -hit -head. VIP neutralized.

Weapon M87:
  • Target Spotted 68m -shot -missed, -shot missed, -shot hit friendly leg & targets torso, shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 50m- shot - hit object, shot -hit -head. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 40m-shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 45m- shot - missed, shot - hit - body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted 33m -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.
  • Target Spotted PBR -shot -hit -body. Tango neutralized.

Side Arm & equipment:

Over All stats:
19 Confirmed Hostiles Killed.
2 Confirmed VIPs Killed.
7 Head Shots
14 Body Shots

Shots Fired;
17 Shots fired by L96
11 Shots fired by M87

Longest Confirmed Kill: 142m
Most Kills in One Match: 12

Awards Earned: -None